Hotspot Shield VPN – Best VPN for Netflix

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN – Best VPN for Netflix: Best VPN list in the world. VPN Service and Reviewed by Expert, Testing Top VPN List 2024 Reviews. Through today’s discussion about VPN, you will know about the best VPN.

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Best VPN for Netflix

There are more uses for Hotspot Shield beyond just amusement. Our tests for WebRTC and DNS leaks demonstrated its security. Our IP address test revealed that it is not only secure but also has good IP address concealment.

The Reason We Selected It

The exclusive Hydra protocol of Hotspot Shield is a major factor in our decision. This is a quick-to-setup, high-performance protocol that you can use to circumvent the VPN filters that certain contemporary streaming providers use. This can be the best service for you if you want to watch Netflix in other countries.

What We Appreciate

  • rapid speeds
  • No cost choice
  • access to Netflix
  • Access to torrents

What We Dislike

  • Five connections at once
  • based in America.
  • Customer service that is unresponsive retains IP address

Excellent Hotspot Shield Privacy

Many VPN providers claim to have a “no-logs” policy, but they don’t have any supporting data. In fact, Hotspot Shield has documentation in the form of a transparency report. The number of subpoenas and official demands that Hotspot Shield receives is displayed in that report.

For instance, in 2018, it was 56. The number of times it released requested data is also stated in the report. It made no releases for the 56 requests made in 2018. That’s because—again—neither IP address information nor VPN usage is logged.

Excellent Hotspot Shield Speed

On our 250 Mbps network, Hotspot Shield had average download speeds of about 242 Mbps, making it one of the fastest VPNs we tested. Since the decline was limited to about 3%, we like to refer to that as an almost loss-free VPN speed.

Nevertheless, Hotspot Shield’s upload speed wasn’t very good. It was just twenty percent of our network speed on average, at 50 Mbps. It works well for downloads but not so much for online uploads.

Excellent Hotspot Shield Security

Hotspot Shield uses several integrated app features to provide security. One of its features is IP leak protection, which provides a private DNS in order to stop DNS and WebRTC leaks. By default, this was turned on. Our IP address was kept hidden as soon as we established a connection using Hotspot Shield.

Another important factor in Hotspot Shield’s security is the protocol. All platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) are offered by Hydra, but Android users can additionally access WireGuard. Still, we would suggest Hydra in this situation. Although WireGuard is secure, it employs the unproven ChaCha20 encryption instead of 256-bit AES. Hydra is one.

Protocol for Hydra Catapult

These days, the greatest VPN brands use a lot of proprietary VPN protocols, or VPN protocols created and developed by a VPN company.

However, few of them can rival Hotspot Shield’s Hydra Catapult VPN protocol in terms of speed. We recently tested VPN speeds, and thanks to Hydra, we were able to get record-breaking download speeds (more on that below).

Hydra is very safe as well. It is built using OpenVPN, which is among the safest VPN protocols. Hotspot Shield became a fast protocol without sacrificing security with a few adjustments.

Extremely Quick Speed

The speed of Hotspot Shield was comparable to that of our fastest VPNs. The download really pleased us. Following our VPN connection, we only experienced a 3.17 percent decrease in our typical internet speed.

However, the upload speed was appalling. It was not recommended to use Hotspot Shield to upload YouTube videos because it only accounted for 20% of our network speed on average.

Speed TestsRegular internet speedHotspot Shield speed
Download250 Mbps242 Mbps
Upload250 Mbps50 Mbps
Latency2 ms79 ms

Advantages for Users of Hotspot Shield

Through its apps, Hotspot Shield offers practical security and privacy features. It has auto-connect, IP leak protection, and iOS’s Always-On functionality. IP address leakage caused by DNS or WebRTC leaks is avoided using IP leak protection.

Hotspot Shield

By doing this, you may be certain that your IP address is never revealed while using a VPN. With auto-connect, you may set up rules that will compel the VPN to connect when they are activated.

For instance, when utilizing mobile data or connecting to a public Wi-Fi network,,. Finally, one feature we don’t often see on iOS is Always-On. When the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, it prompts the user to reconnect automatically.

Who Should Use It Most?

There is a lot of streaming potential for Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield is also reasonably priced. It’s ideal for people who want more entertainment options without breaking the bank.

Hotspot Shield

Because of its TLS-based Hydra Catapult protocol, US jurisdiction, support for 128-bit AES encryption, and high proportion of virtual servers, Hotspot Shield VPN may be able to outperform its rivals in terms of privacy protection.

These are all essential elements for it to reach the lightning-fast speeds it demonstrated in its most recent speed tests.

No matter how many disruptions you throw at it, it can seamlessly offer smooth-streaming media and dance between server connections without missing a beat.

It drops to second place with a 26% speed loss, behind Surfshark (which lost only 16.9% of its speed in my prior test), and pushes Express to third place with a 51.8% speed loss in the most recent measurement.

Less than 8% of speed was lost on UK connections. Users of Hotspot Shield won’t experience any lag in speed, whether it comes to gaming, torrenting, browsing, or streaming.

The security and privacy of Hotspot don’t excite us. We would like to see Hotspot make more third-party audits available to the public, as the services use a closed-source proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol rather than the more transparent open-source OpenVPN protocol.

This is a necessary step to bring Hotspot up to speed with VPNs that are routinely audited, like TunnelBear. Review website VPNMentor found a DNS leak in Hotspot Shield’s Google Chrome plug-in as recently as April 2021. At the time, Hotspot was aware of the problem and worked to make the product better.

We’re also not too fond of Hotspot’s privacy practices or the volume of user data it gathers. Compared to most other VPNs, it collects and keeps a lot more user data with its premium package.

If you use the product’s free version, it gives advertising companies access to that data as well as additional limited data, such as your MAC address and unique phone number.

Hotspot has exciting speeds and an easy-to-use UI, but using it for extended periods of time may leave your wallet a little empty. At the moment, it costs more than its closest rivals, has marginally slower speeds, and has more dubious privacy practices.

In case speed is your primary consideration while choosing a VPN, we advise against using Hotspot until it gets better.


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