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Surf Hark VPN – Best VPN for Security A VPN is a piece of technology that improves online anonymity and privacy. Your whole internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel when you use a VPN. It circumvents monitoring programs such as those used by governments, ISPs, and hackers. Therefore, when you use a VPN, no one else will be able to see what you’re doing online.

How to Look for the Best VPN

While selecting a VPN, there are numerous things to take into account. What is the number of servers in it? Which kind of encryption is it using? Which gadgets may use it? Does it save a history of web browsing logs?

How well can it conceal IP addresses? When comparing VPNs, we take all those factors into account. Three important elements are all that matter when it comes to choosing the best VPNs: security, speed, and privacy.

The Reason We Selected It

Not only is Surfshark a feature-rich VPN, but it also made this list because of the entire Surfshark One package. A single subscription can be used to access a variety of helpful digital security solutions with Surfshark One.

It includes webcam security, a secure search engine, the Surfshark VPN, and the Surfshark antivirus program, among other things. The Surfshark One+ subscription, which is considerably more expensive, also includes rudimentary identity monitoring.

Adding a VPN and antivirus program together will improve your online safety even further. Having been released in 2021, Surfshark has appeared on our list of the top antivirus software three times.

Naturally, Surfshark VPN has been included in our yearly ranking of the “best VPNs” since 2019. There you have it—two effective tools to improve your digital security.

What We Appreciate

  • Mode of camouflage
  • Per subscription, an infinite number of devices
  • Low prices for subscriptions of one or two years
  • 30-day trial duration

What We Dislike

  • Absence of phone assistance
  • On Windows, the kill switch must be manually configured. Dedicated IP addresses are more expensive.
  • Not the quickest

Good Surfshark Privacy

There may be some controversy about Surfshark’s practice of recording IP addresses at the start of every session and its location in the Netherlands.

A VPN company shouldn’t establish its headquarters in the Netherlands because of rules that can jeopardize VPN secrecy.

To be honest, after using NordVPN, a real “no-logs” VPN situated in the privacy-friendly nation of Panama, we had our doubts about Surfshark.

Testing Surfshark out for real allayed our fears. NordVPN-like traits were observed. Surfshark features a multihop function and an automatic kill switch.

We also discovered that IP addresses that are logged are deleted after 15 minutes. Cure53 later provided independent auditing evidence to support this.

Additionally, they utilize RAM-only servers, which implies they are unable to log our data even if they wanted to. Although Surfshark isn’t the best option for privacy, it’s still rather good.

Good Surfshark Speed

The speed that Surfshark provided was inconsistent. The download speed was quite fast. Utilizing our 250 Mbps network, it averaged 228 Mbps. On one occasion, though, the upload speed dropped as low as 91 Mbps.

It barely represents around one-third of our network’s upload speed. However, Surfshark’s upload speed was generally rather good. It had a 167 Mbps average. Surfshark is quick, but it’s not always stable, in our opinion.

Surfshark Security: Outstanding

With its Camouflage Mode, Surfshark ensured that our VPN use remained anonymous. It was an automatic function on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Thanks to camouflage mode, our encrypted traffic seemed unencrypted.

That comes in handy if you’re in a nation that tracks or restricts the use of VPNs, like China or Russia.

While in China, a colleague of mine utilized Surfshark without any problems, even though it isn’t a VPN that has been approved by the government. It’s important to note that Surfshark is among the top VPNs that function in China as a result.

User-friendly applications

Despite having a large feature set, we thought Surfshark was quite user-friendly. It makes setting up a VPN connection easier. When you choose the Fastest Server option from the server list, the fastest server in your location is automatically located.

On the other hand, you can use the Nearest Country option to connect to the fastest server outside of your present location in order to unblock a website.

We also appreciate that all of the VPN features are neatly tucked away in the settings menu, unlike the Total VPN app we recently reviewed, which had features strewn throughout. You will be aware of where to look for any particular Surfshark function that you require.

Services for Streaming

Gaining access to streaming video that is available outside of your country is a pleasant little side effect of utilising a VPN. For example, you can use it to unblock Hulu if you’re not in the United States or to watch Disney+ content that isn’t available where you live.

Both our rankings of the top Disney+ VPNs and the top Hulu VPNs have Surfshark. It was also compatible with YouTube, Netflix, Max, Spotify, and other streaming services that we tried. Thus, you should give Surfshark a check if you’re looking for a VPN for any kind of streaming service.

Benefits for Users of Surfshark

A plethora of security safeguards are provided by Surfshark and are easily accessible to all users. Similar to NordVPN, CleanWeb blocks malicious websites and annoying ads. For added security, it has an IP rotator feature that switches the VPN address every five to ten minutes.

You can also make your device invisible to other devices on your network (very helpful when using public Wi-Fi). If you’re using an Android device, Surfshark is the only app that has the ability to override your device’s GPS location.

With Surfshark One, you can also obtain a fully functional antivirus programme along with extra premium features like camera security and a secure search engine if you’re ready to spend a little bit more.

Who Should Use It Most?

Because of its many security features, Surfshark is an excellent VPN for people looking to improve their digital and online security. Because of the camouflage mode, it is also highly recommended for those who reside in countries with restrictions.

The goal of cybersecurity startup Surfshark is to create solutions for humanized privacy and security. We offer several goods, such as VPN, antivirus software, a a private search tool, Incognito (an automatic personal data eradication system), a data leak detection system, Alert, and many more.

User-friendly admin panel

Easily manage several accounts with our admin panel. Manage user access by seeing how many accounts are accessible and allocating access from a single dashboard.

Infinite gadgets

No matter what device they are using, make sure your team members are constantly protected from online risks. With a single account, customers can secure their laptop, tablet, and phone.

Global outreach

The majority of the 3200+ servers that Surfshark offers are located in more than 100 countries and have 10 Gbps ports. This translates to a quicker VPN connection and the ability to select any server in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VPN for teams: what is it?

Ans: A virtual private network, or VPN, for teams is an internet security technology that helps companies safeguard their internal resources and provide a private, encrypted communication route over the internet.

Why should businesses have their teams utilize a VPN?

Ans: VPNs for teams are made to improve data transmission security and shield private data from unwanted access. Companies should use them to safeguard internal resources, stop data breaches, and secure employee device connections for remote work.

Is Surfshark VPN a reliable service?

Ans: Indeed, Surfshark is a reliable business. We uphold the strictest security guidelines for each and every one of our offerings. Visit our Trust Center to learn more about our security procedures.

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